Our Health Ambassadors Amie Wiley, Leona McCarthy and the Byrne Bible will take you through your paces as you prepare for the Pieta Wren Run. Each week we’ll upload the training programme for the week ahead which is beginner friendly and suitable for all levels. More importantly it’s just some encouragement to help you get up and get active! Best of luck & enjoy!









As part of this initiative, the ladies are part of our #TeamHealth and are fundraising for Pieta as part of the Couch to Wren Run. You can join them by searching for Team Health under the fundraising section of the registration form. 100% of proceeds from this will go to Pieta.

Roisin O’Byrne – Instagram @thebyrnebible

Roisin O’Byrne

Background: About 5 years ago, I started doing classes at JF Fitness, a gym my boyfriend set up. Initially I was only doing them to support him but it turned out to be a huge turning point in my life. I started to look after myself both physically and mentally. I then decided to do the Gym Instructor course and I’ve never looked back. I’ve since set up my own Fitness Instagram Page @thebyrnebible to share my journey and also healthy lifestyle/fitness tips along the way.

Interests: Gym, golf, running, walking and recently back at camogie.

Why you’re supporting the Pieta Wren Run: I myself have struggled a lot with my mental health, I still do. That’s why I see the importance to not only raise much needed funds for a great charity that helps so many cope when they are struggling but also the actual event itself and the training before it. It gives us all a focus and something to look forward to. From my own experience I know that an hour out in the fresh air can help you forgot about almost anything and that’s why I’m so delighted to be involved the Wren Run again this year.

Top wellness tip: A happy and healthy mind and body is a lot more important than toned abs.

Amie Wiley – Instagram @amie_wiley

Amie Wiley

Background: I grew up playing numerous different sports. I still play GAA, camogie more specifically, and I am a keen gym goer. I have a BA in psychology and french from NUIG. My love for exercise and passion for helping people led me to become a qualified personal trainer and sports nutritionist and with my own online business and by working in a gym I am able to do what I love everyday!

Interests: Exercise – GAA, the gym, sea swims; Music – songwriting, playing piano, music production.

Why you’re supporting the Pieta Wren Run: Pieta is an amazing organisation and I’m delighted to use my platform to help. I spread as much positivity through exercise as I can on social media and am delighted to add the Pieta Wren Run into what I do daily!

Tips: 1. Every little bit you do each day adds up and don’t compare your Chapter 2 to someone else’s Chapter 20. Everyone starts somewhere and has their own way and pace at which they do things. 2. Start each day by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for, no matter how small they may be. Focusing on the positive things in your life from the get go has a huge positive impact on your day!

Leona McCarthy – Instagram @leona_mccarthy_

Leona McCarthy

Background: Personal trainer and nutritional advisor. Manager @ Go Gym Limerick. Background training in Dance/Yoga and Pilates in New York and Dublin.

Interests: Reading and studying, yoga, nutrition.

Why you’re supporting the Pieta Wren Run: Delighted to be apart of the Pieta Wren Run this year to help raise awareness and support for an amazing charity that provides a service to people that need their help through dark times. It’s amazing to see how so many people and communities  can come out together and show their support.

Top Wellness Tips: Read at least 10 pages a day of a self help book or on mindfulness. Move daily, eat healthy, get sleep and meditate.

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